Artikelen over import, export en expediteurs

Ademar BV heeft in de 33 jaar zijnde expediteur enorm veel kennis opgebouwd. Deze kennis delen wij graag met onze klanten en de bezoekers van onze website.

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importeren uit het buitenland

Disadvantages of importing from abroad

You are an entrepreneur and you have decided to import products from outside the EU – smart move! You take advantage of the low production and labor costs in some parts of the world. Despite the long journey that the goods have to make, there is a nice margin to make by selling these products in the…


What are Incoterms?

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are a collection of internationally agreed standards on the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in import and export. Incoterms are not in themselves a contract, but terms of delivery. They clarify a sales contract for both parties and define who arranges insurance and permits, who arranges transport to where and when…


Importing designer clothes from China: How to get started?

Currently, the online shopping industry is experiencing a spike in sales. It’s a great opportunity for starting an online store selling designer clothing. Approximately 4 billion meters of textile are produced in China every month. Chances are that if you’re starting a clothing business, you’ll most likely procure your products from China. However, importing designer…