Your forwarding agent for Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen

As a forwarding agent from Rotterdam, Ademar has been involved since 1981 in supervising the forwarding and transport of sea containers, containers, general cargo and bulk goods by sea.

Our enthusiastic and expert team is at your side in the various disciplines. Our approach, of a personal approach and one point of contact within the organization, is the guarantee for a long-term relationship in service.

Our forwarding activities mainly take place in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp.


Rotterdam forwarder, specialist in the transport of sea containers and loose loads

By working with an efficient team of people, we are able to ship every sea container and loose cargo in the best way from and to every port in the world. Personal contact with our customers ensures that we can determine, based on wishes and requirements, which method of shipping is the fastest and most cost-effective. We work for large SME companies as well as starting importers, retailers & webshop owners and private individuals who want to have their sea container or first pallet shipped.

Specialist in importing from China

Ademar has now earned its spurs in importing from China. We transport containers and groupage shipments from various Chinese ports to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Vlissingen. Check here from which Chinese ports we ship.

A rich history in timber transport, timber storage and timber import

Ademar has a rich history in importing wood, storing wood and transporting it by road, rail and water. Wood has no secrets for us. Thanks to our good contacts in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen, we can choose the optimal route for you, which improves speed.

Our freight services

Wood transport

Types of woods, wood storage, wood transport, audit activities, customs statements and distribution, it holds no secret for us.


Taking care of the transport of your containers with conventional cargo by road, rail of inland vessel

Port activities

We perform audit activities commissioned by you, and when needed, we administrate the unload of goods, whether it is general cargo or containers.

Freight forwarding

Onze Expeditie afdeling regelt voor u alle werkzaamheden en handelingen die te maken hebben met het importeren en exporteren van goederen. Ook voor beginnende importeurs!

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