Your freight forwarder for Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen

Since 1981, Ademar concerns itself with the accompaniment of despatch and transport of containers of general cargo and bulk goods.

Our enthusiastic and professional team will work alongside you in different disciplines. Our approach, a personal touch and having a first port of call within the organisation, guarantees a long relationship in services.

We are active in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp.


Specialist in wood transport, wood storage and wood import

Ademar has a rich history of importing wood, the storage of wood and the transport of it by road, rail and water. Wood holds no secrets for us.

Thanks to our excellent contacts in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Antwerp we are able to follow the the most optimal route, which has a beneficial impact on the speed we work with.

Our freight forwarding services

Wood transport

Types of woods, wood storage, wood transport, audit activities, customs statements and distribution, it holds no secret for us.


Taking care of the transport of your containers with conventional cargo by road, rail of inland vessel

Port activities

We perform audit activities commissioned by you, and when needed, we administrate the unload of goods, whether it is general cargo or containers.

Freight forwarding

For you, our freight forwarding department will take care of all the activities concerning the import and export of goods.

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