Transport of containers with a conventional cargo

When transporting your containers with conventional cargo, we offer different transport possibilities;

Transport of containers or cargo through rail

Container transport to and from Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam or Vlissingen can be managed by train. This can be done nationally or internationally.

Transport through inland vessel

When your cargo needs to get to further inland regions, you will be able to use the excellent network of inland skippers of Ademar. Your cargo will be shipped to every destination desired by you.

Containershipment and cargo shipment by road

Through our network of transporters we deliver your cargo or container to anywhere in the word. National or international.

Sea transport of containers

Your containers to any destination in the world? Again, you can use Ademar. We will take care and manage.

Ademar is your freight forwarder for the following ports;

  • Port of Antwerpen
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Vlissingen
  • Port of Amsterdam

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