Specialist in wood transport by water and road

We are inclined to say that we have become a true specialist in wood transport, being it by road or by water. Wood is a special, but also a very vulnerable product. through the years we have gained a lot of knowledge in the special branche.

Customs and formalities when importing wood

There is a lot to be done when importing wood, like customs declaration and formalities. With our wood expertise we can perfectly take care of your declaration and other formalities.

Wood storage and inspection

Do you need your wood to be stored for a longer period of time? We can take care of the storage for which we pertain the most optimal conditions for the wood. Our inventory inspection and other inspectional activities belong to our tasks and the possibilities.

Transport of wood

For the distribution of wood we use the transport by water, road and rail. We can facilitate this transport within our network of distributors.

Ademar is your freight forwarder for the following ports;

  • Port of Antwerpen
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Vlissingen
  • Port of Amsterdam

Information / quotation?

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