Groupage transport is a form of freight transport in which several small shipments from different importers are transported together in one container. This is done to optimize the use of space in the container and to reduce shipping costs for the individual importers.


Packaging and labeling

With groupage transport, each shipment is carefully packed and labeled so that it can be easily identified and distinguished from the other shipments at its destination. The transport company responsible for the shipment then bundles the small shipments into a larger container that is then transported to the place of destination. 

Grouping shipments are usually done when the volume of goods being shipped is not large enough to fill a full container or truck. Or when several small shipments are sent to the same destination. This shipping method is often more cost-effective than other forms of freight forwarding because the shipping costs are shared between the multiple importers. Starting importers generally start by importing small quantities. To only partially fill a container with products is a waste of high transport costs. In addition, the excess of partially filled ships or trucks is bad for the environment.


Groupage transport can provide some essential benefits, including:

      • More safety
      • Shorter transit times
      • Improved sustainability by reducing the number of partially filled vehicles on the road


Groupage shipments can take longer to reach their destination than special shipments. This is because the transport company may have to make multiple stops to pick up and deliver individual shipments.



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