China has occupied no less than seven places in the top 10 largest ports in the world since 2012. Rotterdam takes the number 10 position in this list. The number 1 position has been occupied by the Port of Shanghai since 2010. This port is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, located in the city of the same name. It is an important gateway for international trade and commerce and handles a large portion of China’s foreign trade.

The port has a long history, dating back to the 19th century when it first opened for foreign trade. Over the years it has undergone significant extensions and modernisations. This has led to its current status as a world-class port. The port of Shanghai consists of a deep-sea port (Yangshan Deepwater Port) and an inland waterway port, which are managed by the port company Shanghai International Port Company Limited (SIPG).


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Today, the Port of Shanghai encompasses a vast area of more than 3,600 hectares. The port is divided into several terminals, each specializing in different types of cargo. This includes container terminals, bulk cargo terminals and specialized terminals for goods such as cars and chemicals. The Port of Shanghai keeps up with the times and has implemented a wide range of innovative technological solutions to make the import and export processes run as smoothly as possible. After all, the port is so large in size and goods that it requires much more than manpower. Shanghai is an extremely suitable option for importing goods to, for example, the port of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Vlissingen or Amsterdam.

Ademar has been working as a Rotterdam forwarding agent since 1981 and specializes in import and export between China and the Netherlands. We manage the forwarding and transportation of containers, consolidated cargoes and bulk goods by sea. In addition, we take care of all customs formalities and ensure that your cargo arrives safely at its destination.


Our port activities include:

  • Check for any damage during the transport of your goods.
  • Checking the amount of goods present at the time of departure and arrival.
  • Handling customs formalities such as preparing the correct import documents, paying import duties and registering your goods.
  • Manually unload your sea container.


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For more information and a quote for importing products from Shanghai, please contact Ademar. Here you will receive tailor-made solutions based on your needs. The cost of shipping containers from Shanghai depends on several factors, including port congestion, the ability to combine loads and current fuel prices. Feel free to contact our experts for more information or request a quote for a price quote.



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Shanghai port

Shanghai port