Formerly known as Tsingtao and Tsingtau, Qingdao is now known as one of the largest ports in China and in the world. The port city and naval base is located in the Chinese province of Shandong on the Yellow Sea and has a population of more than ten million people. In addition to their famous Tsingtao beer, the city of Qingdao is also gaining fame with port works. For example, the number of goods transhipped between 2010 and 2015 increased by 150 million tonnes, from 350 million tonnes to 500 million.


Importing from Qingdao

The port of Qingdao is run by Qingdao Port Authority and has about 450 ports for different types of goods spread over a large area. For example, they offer container logistics, storage and the loading and unloading of goods.

Ademar has been a leading Rotterdam freight forwarder since 1981 and an authority in the field of Dutch imports from China. For example, we take care of the shipment of bulk products, general cargo and containers. In addition, we take care of all customs clearance and guarantee that your shipment will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

Our port activities include:

    • Screening your products for possible damage during transport.
    • Checking the quantity of products present at both the time of departure and arrival.
    • Taking care of customs related requirements, including making the correct import documentation, paying import duties and registering your items.
    • Unloading your goods manually.


More information and price indications

Do you want to import goods from the port of Qingdao to the port of Rotterdam? Based on your wishes, Ademar looks for the best option for you. Container shipping prices from Qingdao are affected by a number of variables, such as port congestion, ability to combine loads and fuel costs. Request a quote to get a quote or speak to one of our professionals without obligation.

Qingdao port

Qingdao port