Also known as Xingang Port, Tianjin Port is located in northern China, near the city of Tianjin. It is one of the largest ports in the world and is an important gateway for trade in the country. Tianjin’s port is strategically located at the intersection of Bohai Bay and Haihe River. This location gives easy access to the northern and northeastern regions of China.

Tianjin Port was established in 1860 and has since become an important economic center for China. It has 300 berths, including 200 deep water berths. It handles a wide variety of cargo. Think of containers, dry bulk goods and liquid bulk goods. In 2020, the port handled more than 550 million tons of cargo. This makes it the fifth busiest port in the world in terms of total cargo volume.



Importing from Tianjin

Tianjin’s port has undergone significant expansion and modernization in recent years to meet China’s growing demand for trade. It has implemented advanced technology and infrastructure to increase efficiency and reduce ship waiting times. In addition, the port is also well connected to other parts of China via rail, road and air transport, making it an important logistics hub for the country and an ideal port to import goods to the Netherlands.

Since 1981, Ademar has been active as a freight forwarder in Rotterdam. We are now experts in importing goods from China to the Netherlands, including from Tianjin. As a freight forwarder, we supervise the transport of containers, general cargo and bulk goods by sea. In addition, we take care of all customs formalities and ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination in perfect condition.



Our port activities include:

    • Checking your goods for any damage upon departure and arrival.
    • Checking the amount of goods present at the time of departure and arrival.
    • Taking care of customs formalities, including drawing up the correct documents, paying import duties and registering your goods.
    • The manual unloading of your sea container.


More information & price indication 

Are you a beginner planning to import from China? No problem. You can contact Ademar for customization, where we look for the best solution for your wishes and needs. The price of transporting products from Tianjin to Rotterdam depends in factors such as the crowdedness of the ports, the possibility to combine loads and the fuel prices. Feel free to contact the experts at Ademar or request a quote for a price indication.



Tianjin port

Tianjin port